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Breeding and maintenance of marine sharks in aquariums - Akva Agro - fish farm RAS
The images show sea aquarium (dimensions 1,6*0,8*0,8 m), there are three "blacktip" sharks (Harharinus melanopterus ). This shark is viviparous and is constantly in motion, specimens grow to 80 cm…

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Sea delicacy – the devil-fish

It is unlikely you will be surprised if I told you I tried for her life a wide variety of seafood delicacies. Now, if you ask me what impressed more than anything else, the trio of products is sure to be a devil-fish (or monkfish).

Happens so: you come into a restaurant, take a menu and think: what is there to try something I hadn’t tried before? So right — Oh! Soul opened! Read on carefully and you will be happy.

Monkfish in our country are imported from Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, Faroe Islands) and from China. I can’t say anything about Chinese: I did not try it. But am wary, knowing how they produce fish products. As far as I know, China does not like monkfish, this means that during the processing of fish subjected to secondary freeze.

Personally, when I worked in a large fish company, as purchaser, for expensive restaurants, we were transported monkfish Norwegian production (and never Chinese, despite the substantial difference in price). This indirectly confirms my doubts.

Monkfish is a bottom fish. The beauty of it is that meat (like many other bottom fish) is very specific on consistency somewhat reminiscent of crab. Due to the high cost of this fish have almost never occurs in the free market, is imported in very small batches and distributed exclusively in expensive restaurants.

The biggest fish that I have ever seen, reached seven or eight pounds. The “useful weight” in it — not more than twenty-five per cent, for more than two-thirds of the fish consists of the head, and she only edible tail.

That’s what’s left after cutting

Whole fish, tail with skin, without skin and fillet

These tails come from China. At one time they were sold in the Kiev Metro, but it was a few years ago. I haven’t seen them.

The meat is tender-white

What should I know? Not so much. If you decide to order monkfish in a restaurant, ask to see the tail before it starts cooking. Once upon a time (not one of the cheapest restaurants in Kiev) my view of hell has filed something else. Given that this fish is extremely costly (have you tried her unit and the unit can distinguish the taste of one fish from another), the temptation to cheat the customer is very high. After the scandal it turned out that this fish at the restaurant there at all.

Aside from fish: one day in Moscow, in the famous and very expensive Japanese restaurant “Sumosan” (that on the European square, the hotel Radisson Slavyanskaya) I in a bottle of water Vittel has submitted the vodka. Who worked as a bartender or waiter understands what that means 🙂 then I’m not surprised already to anything. And in case of any doubt, try to watch closely what I served.

But if all you served monkfish — fun guaranteed. Believe me, I know whereof I speak.

Pieces of monkfish wrapped in bacon — probably the best I’ve ever tasted in my life.

Unfortunately, in our country does not occur such delicacies as smoked monkfish. Perhaps it is smoked somewhere in Moscow, but I had not met. The product is absolutely awesome and incredibly expensive

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