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How long do aquarium fish live?

How long do fish live?

An interesting feature of many fish is that they are able to grow all their lives . but the question is, how long can they live, is not quite clear. Some of the fish can live to a hundred years, and who lives only about a year, it all depends on their nature, habitat and, of course, food.

What fish live least?

Least of all among the fish lives cynolebias, which inhabits the waters of South America. These lakes and rivers are full of water only in the rainy season. Before you step on the drought, cynolebias lays its eggs in the mud. With the drying up of pond fish die, but the eggs remain in the dry mud in one piece, to several months. Again when the rainy season, the reservoir is becoming filled with rainwater, the eggs from the larvae start coming out. A couple of months they become adults and start to lay eggs.

Glowing anchovies that live on great depths, in the duration of his life . also do not reach. Two years the fish live round goby in commercial purposes is extracted in the Caspian and the Black sea. Three years lives anchovy inhabiting the Black sea. This fish was produced in the III century BC and it was a valuable delicacy in Ancient Rome and Greece.

Fish are long-lived

Fish such as pink salmon and chum salmon die when they turn 5-7 years. But sea bass, herring and cod live 25-30 years. From 8 to 15 years living bream, Chub and roach. The life of sharks still izucheniya but, despite their impressive size, sharks only live about 25-30 years.

How many live goldfish?

Aquarium goldfish in good conditions can live to 35 years. With age they become even brighter and more beautiful. To reduce their life may not of proper feeding, and dirty water. And abundant feeding as harmful as its lack.

Interesting facts from the life of fish

The German scientist-ichthyologist, the eel lived to be 37 years of age. And in Sweden, in one provincial town, to the present day in the well live eel, of which there planted in 1859 when he was still a larva. But these centenarians acne can only be found in captivity, where nothing threatens them. For freedom their life expectancy barely reaches 25 years of age.

Century carp lasts about 40-45 years, although in the past it was believed that he is able to live 100 or even 200 years, but this theory was refuted by scientists-ichthyologists.

In some books, the authors contend that in 1794, near Moscow, during the cleaning of the Tsaritsynsky ponds, in the network got the pike on the gills which was attached a gold ring with a notch: “Put the Tsar Boris Fedorovich”. The reign of Boris Godunov was from 1598 to 1605, and this means that the age of pike was about two centuries. But since no evidence of this has survived, scientists this fact is questioned.

Many people know the legend of the pike belonged to Emperor Frederick II Barbarossa. She also “wore” the ring on which was engraved the date of settlement of pike in the lake Kaiserlautern not near, not near Heyborne – 1230. The pike was caught in 1497. Her image is still in the castle of Lautern, and the ring and the skeleton are stored in Mannheim.

Scientists are very interested in such long-lived and began to examine the inscription on the ring, which read that she was put in the pond Frederick II in 1230, October 5. After studying archival documents, they found that at this time the Emperor was in Italy and couldn’t land a fish in the pond. Later researchers counted the vertebrae of the skeleton of the famous pike, and was much larger than it should be. It became clear that it is prefabricated. It was found fake.

To date, the opinions of scholars agree that the maximum age of pike, which can reach 100 years. Except for pike, so long live and Beluga.

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