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Life in a marine aquarium.

Currently becoming more popular marine aquariums. They contain over 800 species of marine fish. The brilliance of the outfit, the intricacy and variety of forms, especially coral, creatures, amazing behavior put them far above the representatives of the freshwater ichthyofauna. Living environment for marine fishes (salinity 30-35% pH 8,0-8,4) is much more complicated than freshwater, and maintain its stability only by applying a sophisticated filtering system and water reclamation, temperature control, and so on. Water temperature should not exceed 33 °C. Illumination (at the height of the aquarium is about 50 cm) is 1 W per 1 cm length or 50 square centimeter area of the aquarium. A saltwater aquarium should not be less than 150-200 l volume. aquarium forum

One of the representatives of marine aquarium fishes is the clown fish.

These brightly colored clown fish or amphiprion widely distributed in the Pacific and Indian oceans. These fish belong to the family pomacentrus (Pomacentridae). The collection combines fish-swallows anemonefish fish Fbudefduf genera, Chromis, Dascyllus, Euromacentrus, Hypsypops, Microspathodon, Pomacentrus, Premnas, this edition and others. Size 8-15 see the Body of the fish is a compact, moderately high. Solid color with contrast stripes and spots.

Their distinctive feature is a symbiotic relationship with Actinia. Amphiprion pokritikovat skin mucus, through which the sea anemone does not perceive them as a food object.

If you violate the cover, the fish can be paralyzed by the stinging cells of sea anemones and eaten, like any other. It is known that in the symbiotic relationship of the body both get some benefit. Probably, the benefit to fish is greater, because in nature they are never found without an anemone.

When the predator amphiprion immediately hide among the tentacles of sea anemones, protected spawn, maybe stinging cells of the anemone clean the fish from skin parasites. In turn, amphiprion, floating between the tentacles of anemones, contribute to the removal of the oral disk of unwanted debris. In aquarium you can watch clown fish Actinia bring the pieces of food.

More recently, with fish-clown scientists have made one very important discovery. It gave the opportunity to fight with the jellyfish.

Clown fish and anemone

Scientists took the slime, which secretes the body of the clown fish, and offered a piece to anemone. The researchers saw that Medusa instantly removed the tentacles, “turning off” stinging cells. Scientists began to think, why is this happening, and immediately did based on the mucus of the clownfish cream. According to Dr. Lotan, this invention has made the same revolution as repellents against insects. “Many have tried to come up with something similar, says Lotan, but almost all the proceeds from jellyfish have been used after the man was bitten”. The experiments showed that the cream protects, at least from the ten most common species of jellyfish (there are more than 300). But specialists that will produce protivorechii cream, going to try its action on other dangerous sea creatures. For example, on the Australian jellyfish. Allocated to it, the poison kills a person in less than five minutes.

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