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Hunting and fishing in the White sea

Before the hunters set out on the long journey across the ice of a small-scale. With them they dragged the boat easy – ledyankah for crossing cracks and openings. Such a team with a boat called “Bursa”.

Among white sea hunters were unbeatable masters who fearlessly overcame all the obstacles erected starosinna drifting ice. They can walk out with the goods on such ice is 20-30 kilometers per day. Such speeds did not know well-equipped polar expedition.

Still walking, where the Bursa was dangerous and required great skill. In our time the hunters came hardware icebreakers; to get animals safer and easier, the fishery has increased.

It was here, over the white sea ice and forged their skills the famous polar pilot M. V. Babushkin. He first proved that the drifting sea ice, is a possible landing of the plane.

This experience enabled him and other Soviet pilots subsequently have brilliant flights with landings on the ice in the ocean while searching for the Italian expedition on the airship “Italia” (1928) and delivery in the area of the pole Soviet drifting station “North pole” (1937).

Obviously, a trail existed in the distant past, the broader context of the Pacific ocean with the Northern seas. Many are caught also in the White sea cod and polar cod. Open moreabout Soviet fishing vessels off the coast and boats and fishing bots farms. The work of the fishermen in the collective farms had become safer, the catch increased dramatically.

Before the fishermen went to sea in rowing boats trusted. Such a vessel will go in the storm — do not get out to the shore. Now they have a prompt engine bots, easily overcomes the wave; shore weather Bureau provided an early warning of an approaching storm.

Recently at the white sea fisheries stations were rare for these places fish — bélon. The fishermen caught her at the Solovetsky Islands and delivered to the station. Previously, this fish is not caught. It is found in much more southern areas — in the waters off the West coast of Europe, in the Baltic sea, near Iceland.

There has been cases of fishing in the White sea mackerel, which had also almost never met. Novoposelkovaja oceanic herring began to come into the White sea quite often. Before the shoals of this herring met here is extremely rare. This suggests that the water in the Northern seas, where are warm currents, warmer.

This is all the more interesting that in the Throat as a result of strong mixing and desalination of water flowing from the Barents sea, creates a kind of invisible barrier for a number of BA-

renewamerica organisms. The White sea fauna in General poorer than the fauna of the Barents sea.

White sea in size is one of the smallest seas of our country and the globe. However, its significance in the life of the country is not small.

In Soviet times, the people who have taken control of the country life in his hands, has developed a coastal and Maritime economy.

New workers ‘ settlements, towns, ports, industrial plants, sawmills, fish appeared on the shore, born of hard work people.

The new fleet swims in the sea, exploring the riches hidden beneath the waves forever gray-green surface of the water.

There was a time when Royal officials believed the Northern regions of the white sea region godforsaken, useless land. A rare population provided in the lurch and local merchants, somehow eked out a drab, unattractive life.

That time had passed and remembered only as a bad dream. The Soviet people, who have had the opportunity himself to build his life, discovered his mighty powers of creation, to whom fell the hardships of the Northern nature.

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