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Golden pond fish

This is perhaps the most paradoxical fish. Despite its longevity and wide prevalence in nature, on the market in the summer it is always in short supply. Let’s try to understand this situation.

It turns out that freshly caught carp are extremely sensitive to stress. Besides, he is stronger than the other fishes clutter up the water with their slime. The mucus gets into the gills and further exacerbates stress, making carp lose even more mucus. Decomposing in the water, the slime takes the oxygen from the water and produce toxins, which again worsens stress etc.

Very often the loss of mucus suffer tail fins. Never buy carp, which “respetuosa” tail — he’s almost certainly doomed. Doomed and those crucians whose significant losses of mucus on the body. The surface in these areas becomes rough and not slippery (as expected).

Those sellers who dare, due to the large demand, in the summer to take a large batch of carp – has bitterly regret. During transportation to the place of sale, the water becomes unfit for life substance. In place of the fish transplanted to clear water, but it immediately becomes dirty rags of mucus. Most of the fish is doomed already at this stage, but carp tenacious and can proplavit more time nourishing false hopes of the seller, forced to continuously change constantly technoshow water. As a result, despite potrachennoe and effort – after a few days begins the massive death of carp and almost the entire group vanishes, not the seller bringing nothing but losses. So, bitter experience, sellers rarely dare to bring in the summer goldfish for sale.

Most carp paduch spring — early summer (when demand is highest). Particularly affected are adult specimens, whose stress after wintering turns into the stress of spawning condition. Moreover, adults are generally slower to adapt to changes in the conditions of existence.

By the autumn of carp and grows stronger in September and especially in October, it becomes very reliable, but the demand in the market by this time falls to zero.

It turns out that the carp is almost impossible to earn, why it is so scarce on the market in the summer.

The primary treatment for the silver crucian carp — 2 weeks, and a full course – one month. The cost of such carp can not be low, but I don’t remember the case that at least one such carp, passed the full course of treatment, died.

Carp reproduce very quickly, especially if fed. But if carp is good to feed, its reproduction may not prevent even the rotan. Moreover, rotan in this case acts as a useful aide, who barely manages to limit only the weak from the huge offspring of unrestrained breeding beefy carp. By the way, and before you carp rotan in debt does not remain — when in may the sleeper spawn, carp is just the feeding period, and Romania caviar is very useful.

Goldfish get along with any fish, except perch. The problem can occur when sharing content with sturgeon, because sturgeon high calorie feeds that the carp is contraindicated.

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