Types of aquarium fish
The science knows more than 22 thousand species of fish. Types of aquarium fish . of course, less, and the most popular will take only a few hundred. What kinds…

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Breeding and maintenance of marine sharks in aquariums - Akva Agro - fish farm RAS
The images show sea aquarium (dimensions 1,6*0,8*0,8 m), there are three "blacktip" sharks (Harharinus melanopterus ). This shark is viviparous and is constantly in motion, specimens grow to 80 cm…

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How many live aquarium fish?
First of all, the lifespan depends on the type of fish. There is an approximate pattern associated with size of fish: small fish don't live long, from one year to…

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The underwater world of the Mediterranean sea

Know why the underwater world of the Mediterranean does not get bored Maltese fishermen?

And you would have refused to go fishing for large mackerel, swordfish, a big fish type-halibut, prawns, small shrimps, pink octopuses, mollusks and sea urchins, “disrupting” the biggest gamble in the form of a grouper “grouper”? That’s

And you would have refused to go fishing for large mackerel, swordfish, a big fish type-halibut, prawns, small shrimps, pink octopuses, mollusks and sea urchins, “disrupting” the biggest gamble in the form of a grouper “grouper”? So there you are…

I think tuna is a fish the length of a few centimeters? Oh how wrong you are! Perhaps you will be interested to know that adult tuna not only reach 4 meters in length and weigh about 500 pounds, but successfully attack any fish, including cephalopods, crustaceans and other invertebrates.

In addition, tuna meat has high taste qualities. That is why the inhabitants of Malta (and many gourmets of the world) just love the meals from this fish. Cooked tuna, fried tuna, dried and sauce… the chef of many a Maltese meal is prepared from more than seventy delicious dishes.

By the way, how do you little idea to catch tuna, otpravivshis fishing and taking fishing rods or special networks, which are installed at depths up to thirty meters?

And even if you don’t meet a friendly pilot whales, an unforgettable experience is guaranteed. But if you are lucky to see this large Dolphin length up to 5 meters and weighing about 3 tons, consider that you opened the secrets of the oceans – after all, these old-timers of the underwater world of the Mediterranean know a lot of secrets .

In addition, their loyalty and care to their own people is legendary. They say that if one member of the pack was in trouble, he takes the “friends” signal, and the other dolphins immediately come to the rescue, getting themselves into trouble. Agree, in these animals we can learn.

Edible shellfish from local gourmet most sought after oysters, Mediterranean-black sea mussels, and sea dates, and invertebrates are octopuses, squid, crabs, cuttlefish, lobster. To get into your field of view as numerous species of jellyfish and siphonophora.

Meet in the underwater world of the Mediterranean and fish and endemic species, which cannot be seen anywhere else in the world. Altogether there are about 70 species. For example, the unique rays and some species of anchovy, gobies and sea-dogs, fish-needle.

Fans of extreme type of holiday you can immerse yourself in the dangerous world of the Mediterranean sea, where there are such aggressive residents, as the white shark, luminous purple jellyfish, sea, rockfish and stingrays hvostokol.

It is also not ruled out a meeting with conger eels and Moray, which have powerful jaws and teeth. Seekers of the mysteries of the underwater world of the Mediterranean sea should beware of the bristle fire worm, which can pierce the skin, causing pain and inflammation and beauty background-sorceress, an injection which is detrimental to planktonic creatures.

And, of course, do not try to touch a Stingray – he is able to arrange electric “show” to anyone who wants to get his rest, leaving the almost lifeless body of the curious diver or hunter mysteries of the underwater world in the depths of the Mediterranean sea.

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