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Attractants for predatory fish species

Today for any fisherman it is no secret that the attractants great addition to any fishing peaceful fish. For reference, the attractant is a natural or synthetic substance designed to attract an animal (in our case fish). The well proven attractors and fishing on marine fish at Russian resorts. Rest In Gelendzhik attracts most Russian tourists not only comfort, service and the most affordable prices. And the fishing here is simply superb. And are there attractants for prey fish? Can you use the same tool to Zander and pike? Whether this is a good bait at all for predatory fish species?

To choose the right attractant can help a competent worker fishing shop

Definite opinion about this type of bait does not exist. Undoubtedly, there are fishermen, as opponents of the use of an attractant and followers. One angler uses attractant and proud of his catch, and the other uses the familiar and simple fishing lures and wobblers and the same current is not mad at the fish! And some fans of fishing believe that the use of attractants is not a sports activity.

Here are some of the types of attractants, and a small information about them. Such bait fish vozdeistvuya specific way and using them different from using attractants, for example, in fishing for carp.

Attractant for perch

Bass just loves fragrant delicacy, there is only one BUT: the bass is very changeable in their taste preferences and tastes change throughout the year constantly. Used in the heat of the summer attractants will be great help in the cold autumn weather.

The fisherman should know what a soft silicone twisters and shads remember the smells. You must be careful when you are putting on them any other means.

The bass is very reactive to smells, and problems with the choice of an attractant for the fish the fishermen do not arise.

Attractant for perch

The perch most often goes hunting at night and during the day prefers to sleep in some hole. And to hunt in total darkness is very difficult. To do this, Zander mother nature gave an excellent sense of smell and the lateral line. Actually catches fish very restless, they do not stand idle on the spot, and with enviable persistence stalk their victims, attacking them again and again go on the attack.

When fishing for Zander with the help of attractants, it is necessary correctly to pick up the smell, and if it succeeds, then no enviable catch is not coming back! Sea perch are attracted to the scent of shrimp and river entails more flavor of river fish.

Attractant for pike

Pike is the complete opposite of Zander. Pike are not attracted to artificial scents, fishing on the predator are necessary natural aroma. Pike often attacks the victim from behind cover. Hiding in the seaweed, pike closely followed by mining, so it has excellent eyesight and well-developed lateral line. The sense of smell for hunting her is not very important, so as to sniff the victim she has no time.

Excellent attractant for pike is the smell of blood bait

Remember that in the warmer months fish prefer sweet, fruity scents. In the cold season large effect have spicy aromas and smells of an animal origin – canned fish, fish oil, dried blood, and the giblets of the birds, feeds for aquarium fish, chopped earthworms or bloodworms.

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