Types of aquarium fish
The science knows more than 22 thousand species of fish. Types of aquarium fish . of course, less, and the most popular will take only a few hundred. What kinds…

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Boat trips on yachts and boats, sea fishing
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Fishing videos fishing Video fishing Videos fishing about fishing
Fishing is one of the most wonderful Hobbies. There can be nothing nicer than to relax away from the bustle of the city, and then to spend that time usefully.…

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Pond fish

The most common way to check ornamental ponds use koi. They, as a rule, bright color: white, black, blue, green, red, yellow, can be monotonous and to combine the color in several colors. Carp breeders in Japan, have reinforced a few common colors and gave them names.

For several centuries in Japan have these beautiful fish in a small pond near the houses. They are considered a symbol of wealth, well-being, and their beauty and Majesty is praised in the verses of poets and the works of artists. You can often see the items decorated with images of these fish. The Japanese carp is a pet like a cat or a dog.

Conditions content Koi:

In Russia koi first arrived in 1964 In the conditions of Central Russia they thrive even summer months, in small reservoirs, but in the winter of a small pond, they have to translate in a frost place.

Optimal hydrochemical parameters: pH 6-8, GH can reach up to 25, the temperature during the active period of 20-27 degrees. Koi reach quite an impressive size of over 50 cm must be considered when laying the pond, you also need to decide whether you will leave the fish for the winter in the pond, depends on the size of the pond, its depth and technical equipment. If the pond is big and has symbolname depth of at least 2 meters and equipment provide mixing and aeration of water, adapted carp can be left to overwinter in the pond.

Very fast and convenient to prepare the water for the pond through conditioner TetraPond AquaProtect . he quickly removes chlorine from the water, heavy metals and toxic substances, and vitamin B1 which is part of the drug has a beneficial effect on skin and mucous integument Karpov helping them to adapt faster to the new conditions of your pond.


In relation to feeding carp not too fussy, they readily eat freeze dried and pelleted feed.

Since this herbivorous fish, and the ancestors and benthic collectors for proper digestion and intestinal function, feed the database should contain many ballast substances, as well as possible these requirements are met the line of feed for koi company TETRA. For example, feed Koi Sticks Energy in the form of sticks for large carp longer than 25 cm or just Sticks for Koi carps of medium size.

In the event that carp hibernate in the pond, that’s right, a full feeding is especially important! The quality of feed depends on how the fish will survive the winter, if they have a sufficient supply of nutrients. This is especially important in our harsh climate of Central Russia. To prepare fish for the winter the company Tetra has released a special feed Power Discs extended component composition, and the amount of nutrients in it, about Koi Sticks, magnified three times.

Like all cold-blooded creatures, all life processes of fish associated with ambient temperature, including the process of digestion, so when the water temperature drops below 15 degrees, fish should be transferred to lighter feed – Wheagerm Sticks. This lightweight feed from wheat shoots.

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